VTMs for real people

Dec. 27, 2011 | by Terry Dooley

What comes to mind when you conjure up old episodes of The Jetsons? Is it their flying SUV or their robot maid? Maybe it's their dog-walking treadmill or their automatic shower-shaver-dresser machine.

For me, it's Mr. Spacely screaming at George over an enormous video-conferencing screen. A truly pioneering company, Spacely Sprockets had the whole telecommuting thing figured out long before the rest of us.

It's fun to see many of the imaginary innovations dreamed up by Hanna-Barbera come to fruition (think central vacuum or the microwave). Yet try as I might, I can't recall an episode that featured telebanking. Maybe that's because children aren't all that interested in cartoons that feature deposits and withdrawals... or maybe it was just too outlandish even for Hanna-Barbera.

Yet, "futurist" telebanking is here. The video teller machine (VTM) is finding its way into many financial institutions. In all kinds of different configurations, VTMs are helping consumers and financial institutions explore the next dimension in banking.

As banks and credit unions attempt to strike a balance between personal relationships and efficiency, between self-service and customer service, will the VTM become a mainstay of our society?

And if it does, what will be the fraud implications? Innovation in the real world requires a bit more diligence than that in the animated world. As more VTMs are deployed, you can bet the scammers and hackers will absolutely target that channel.

Topics: Branch Transformation

Terry Dooley / Terry is an integral part of the Shazam team, bringing more than 20 years of financial and electronic funds transfer industry experience and expertise that keeps Shazam at the forefront of EFT technology. He leads all IT strategy and development.
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