The Future of ATMs – Mobile, Security and Regulations – Oh My! [Infographic]

March 1, 2012 | by Tom Harper, in collaboration with the ATM Industry Association, has just released the third edition of the ATM Future Trends Report 2012. The survey represents a cross-section of the financial services industry from banks, credit unions, EFT networks, transaction processors, ATM manufacturers and independent ATM deployers. 

We've pulled out a few highlights to share in this Infographic with questions and answers surrounding five-year trends, predictions, opportunities and challenges for the ATM industry.

The good news is mobile is an opportunity, cash is king and ATM transactions are expected to grow 66% by 2015. We believe this Infographic will highlight the fact that this industry is vibrant, growing and strong.

Grab the code at the bottom of the page if you want to post it on your site. We hope you share it far and wide. (And feel free to send it to your favorite tech bloggers the next time they say ATMs are going the way of the dinosaur or cash will be gone in 20 years. Show them you know more, thanks to

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The Future of ATMs InfographicDownload a PDF of the infographic.


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