3 ways for your FI brand to better market ATM convenience

Jan. 31, 2013 | by Rebecca Hellmann

Proper use of ATM innovation, placement and branding can introduce an FI's brand and advertise its convenience to potential customers. But, a financial institution’s client base can only grow if its attrition rate remains low.

As more people turn to remote banking solutions such as mobile applications, online account management and ATMs instead of the branch, institutions must redouble their efforts to provide convenience to their current customers.

Here are three ways to do just that:

Engage the consumer

Everyone likes free things. In fact, people will go to great efforts to win prizes, cash or recognition. Why not raise excitement with customers and members by providing interactive contests that highlight the convenience of the brand?

Providing a reward for visiting your institution's ATMs, exploring your website or using your other remote banking options can renew interest among customers who are already hooked in your bank's technology. It can also serve to introduce new self-service options to customers who traditionally have been branch visitors. Ultimately, it heightens awareness of the convenient options your financial institution provides.

Use robust mapping

Did you know that the branch and ATM locator page is typically the second-most visited page on a financial institution's website? Despite this, many institutions only provide lists of their ATM and branch locations. Some even send visitors away from the website to view maps or obtain directions to ATMs!

Offering a fully interactive locator for branches and ATMs right on the website is essential to creating a more credible image of customer convenience. The locator becomes a one-stop destination for customers to find your branded locations. And not only does it improve customer service, but it also keeps visitors on your branded website.

Direct Marketing for ATMs

Many financial institutions offer ATM fee reimbursement. However, few use this service feature to follow up with customers and reinforce brand convenience.

By analyzing ATM and branch use, your financial institution can develop unique campaigns to inform customers about branded, surcharge-free ATMs and branch locations that are located within areas they frequent. If a customer often uses a particular surcharging ATM near their home or office, your FI can offer them a list of alternative, surcharge-free, locations within the area. This can help modify customer behavior, reinforce brand convenience and eliminate the recurring surcharge reimbursement. 

With today's busy consumers, convenience is the key to success for an FI. The more your institution can demonstrate its customer service and everyday convenience, the more likely it is to draw in and retain business. Implementing these three branding bonuses can go a long way toward keeping your brand top-of-mind with customers.

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Rebecca Hellmann / Rebecca Hellmann is the marketing manager for Welch ATM, an independent ATM company that currently manages more than 20,000 ATMs throughout the United States.
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