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About a year ago, ATMmarketplace published an infographic about the future of ATMs. In it, we showed that despite the emergence of alternative forms of payments – particularly mobile payments – the demand for cold hard cash continues to grow. That, of course, is great news for the ATM industry.

While the ATM may not be history anytime soon, it does have a fascinating history that Bernardo Batiz-Lazo and I explore in our new book, "Cash Box: The Invention and Globalization of the ATM." The book will be officially released this week at ATMIA's 14th annual U.S. conference in Scottsdale, Ariz.

To give you just a glimpse of what's in the book, we also created the infographic below. It includes a condensed timeline of some of the most important dates in the history of the ATM. If you like the infographic, please feel free to re-post it on your own website or blog using the embed code at the bottom of the page.

To buy the book, go to

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To buy the book, go to

Download a PDF of this infographic.

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User Comments – Give us your opinion!
  • Rowan Berridge
    The US-bias here is quite ridiculous. The basic function of an ATM is to dispense cash, so trying to claim a cash-deposit machine in the USA as the world's first ATM is complete and utter nonsense. Also, the first biometric ATM in Poland? The first in Europe, yes - but that ATM in Poland used a Hitachi system that had already been in use in Japan for a number of years before 2010.
  • Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
    Thanks for your comment Rowan, I suggest you look at this new blog post - where at least the issue of roots is briefly addressed (and as you correctly point out, it is not linked to the Bankograph - we do cover it in greater depth in the book) Bernardo
  • Rowan Berridge
    Thanks, Bernardo. I actually wish I hadn't posted that comment, or at least not worded the way it was - if I were to do it again, I might say something along the same lines, but I wouldn't phrase it in that way. I had a look at the blog post you linked to, and found it interesting and informative.
  • Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
    Rowan, no offence taken. Again for the interest and stimulating the discussion at atmmarketplace. More so for looking into the post. Of course, I will welcome any suggestions or issues on the history of the ATM feel free to make further comments or email me directly at b [ dot ] batiz-lazo [ at ] bangor [ dot ] ac [ dot ] uk
  • Mithilesh Kumar
    Hi, Is it possible to share an evaluation of the the different manufacturers/models of ATMs with special focus on the Chinese offerings. Thanks & Regards, Mithilesh
  • James Bickers
    Mithilesh, you should consider our newly updated ATM Comparison Guide:
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