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The ATM, as an Automated Teller Machine, performs the transactions of a teller. A teller, as we know, interacts between the bank and the customer. No customer wants to deal with a slovenly-looking teller, let alone one who is not clean. As we were all taught when we were children, “There is no second chance to make a first impression”.

What impression do your ATMs create for your customers? For example, how clean and smart are they?

We should not forget ATM transactions are interactions with real, live individuals. We should see ATM transactions as living transactions, not as “dead” ones, even though they are automated. Couldn’t we name an ATM equally as an Automated Interaction Machine?

Speaking of interaction, let us return to the importance of keeping ATMs clean.

This aspect of ATM hygiene is only going to increase in importance going forward because cleanliness is part of a wider, growing environmental awareness on the part of today’s citizens, as well as being associated with positive customer interactions.

Our Automated Interaction Machines provide individuals, who are at once customers and citizens, with financial transactions which are also real, human experiences. And these days we are hearing more and more about selling experience, not just products and services.

GRGBanking recently published a fascinating white paper on ATM hygiene. In the paper, the manufacturer highlights the public health aspect of keeping ATMs clean.

Microbiologists have shown computer keyboards and, by implication, ATM keypads, often contain a high degree of bacteria. The white paper points out that a study by Rentokil Initial R&D found that over two-thirds of ATM machine keypads examined were contaminated with some bacteria. GRG has wisely recommend the use of ATM cleaning kits to keep customers happy with their regular ATM interactions. As a reward for this best practice, we know a happy customer always returns!

Regular cleaning of the interface of the ATM will enhance both the visual impression of the machine and the underlying trust invested by customers in our superb technology.

Keeping ATMs clean is a topic that should be on our radar screens. After all, our ATMs are interactive by nature and we all want every interaction to be as pleasant or memorable an experience as humanly possible.

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