Webinar: How today's software trends will shape tomorrow's ATM industry

May 30, 2012

In a free live webinar on June 14, Aravinda Korala, CEO of Kal ATM Software and Steve Hensley, EVP of sales and marketing at Kal, will take an inside look at prevailing trends in ATM software and how they will shape the future of ATMs as a financial services delivery channel.

Korala and Hensley will offer software industry insights into that future, drawing from the 2012 Software Trends and Analysis Guide produced by KAL and ATM Marketplace. The report provides observations and analysis of survey responses compiled from nearly 800 participants throughout the global ATM and financial services industries.

One of the most telling findings from the study is that nearly 70 percent of respondents believe the ATM channel is becoming either "more important" (44 percent) or "much more important" (26 percent) as a customer touch point. The channel continues to outrank online banking in that respect and ranks second in importance only to the bank branch.

Given the growing importance of the ATM in financial services delivery, network operators know that their software selection and implementation can have far-reaching effects for both the user experience and network efficiency.

Korala and Hensley will take webinar participants through the critical steps of software evaluation and selection, including:

  • Identifying the primary drivers in the decision to change software.
  • Addressing channel integration objectives.
  • Assessing software choices, deciding whether to: develop in-house; license and modify; rely on a vendor.
  • Understanding future directions in the OS environment.
  • Determining needs to identify and control fraud.
  • Preparing for EMV implementation on the IT side.

The free webinar is sponsored by Kal and will take place on Thursday, June 14 at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Registration is open now for How today's software trends will shape tomorrow's ATM industry.

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Companies: KAL ATM Software

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