ATM refurbishment: A global concern

Feb. 7, 2013

Editor's note: ATM Marketplace is pleased to introduce new blogger Matthias Thiele of ACG. He will post regularly on ideas and issues relating to ATM parts and refurbishment. 

Hallo ATM Marketplatz!

My name is Matthias Thiele, and as you may have guessed, I am a German-born ATM enthusiast.

I started in the ATM industry 33 years ago as an intern with Wincor Nixdorf in my hometown of Paderborn, Germany. During my 30-year career with Wincor, I led numerous supply chain and intercultural resource management projects across the globe. One of my most challenging yet fondly remembered assignments was working with a team to open an ATM manufacturing facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In 2006 I became a German-Texan, when I accepted a service logistics position at Wincor’s North American HQ in Austin. For the past three years, I have been serving as the VP of global business development with ACG in Atlanta. So, I guess that makes me a German-Texan-Georgian?

My background in logistics has made me somewhat fanatical about maximizing efficiency and driving down costs. This may explain why I have come to be so passionate about ATM refurbishment and spare parts repair.

I consider them to be some of the best ways for companies and financial institutions to slash costs without sacrificing quality.

Last year, I attended ATMIA conferences in Latin America, Africa and Europe, and I recently attended the ATMIA 2013 Middle East conference in Dubai. At all of these conferences, refurbishment was a hot topic among exhibitors and delegates.

So, as you can see, refurbishment and repair are relevant on a global scale for all players in the ATM industry. Whether you are a community bank in Nebraska or a large broker in Nigeria — anyone in this industry can benefit from ATM refurbishment and spare parts repair.

For these reasons precisely, I am excited to have the opportunity to use this blog as a forum to discuss a bevy of refurbishment related topics and to share personal international insights.

Some of the topics that I plan to delve into:

  • Spare parts repair: Exploring which repair method best suits your business needs
  • ATM upgrades: Decoding ATM upgrades — from DIP card readers to EMV compliance
  • ATM refurbishment: Detailing the pros and cons
  • Spare parts distribution: Tips for building an efficient parts distribution network

Please feel free to use the comment section to send me your questions, opinions or suggestions for blog topics. All feedback is welcome.

As they say in Paderborn … Auf Wiedersehen!

Matthias Thiele is vice president of global development
at ACG, Inc., a comprehensive ATM solutions provider
specializing in refurbished ATMs, branch equipment,
and new and refurbished ATM parts. The company
is headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga. 


Read more about refurbished/used ATMs.

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