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O2 Secure Wireless Inc., a provider of secure wireless solutions, has announced the implementation of its FIT proprietary security software — retina and facial integration technology that can be implemented in a wide variety of security protocols, including those of ATMs.

The solution allows integration into common security applications of a fully functional facial recognition application that otherwise might be limited to military or government applications. The technology has been refined to be "low-data" which means it does not require large amounts of bandwidth or data storage.

In an announcement, O2 said it intends to focus on the banking industry and nationwide voter registration as the major end users of the technology. The company O2 will look to implement the FIT technology heavily towards nationwide bank ATM machines, as well as national retailers' point-of-sale stations.

The technology is easily integrated with new or existing camera video systems, or existing credit card and bank card systems, and its quick subject identification allows for smooth progress of customer transactions, without the need for card identification, the company said.

"The biggest advantage of this technology is affordability and ease of implementation," said an O2 Secure Wireless spokesman. "It can be installed on any systems that have existing cameras and the software is self-contained so it does not require any major integration of any software systems that are in use by the customers, such as bank security or mobile pay systems."

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