Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. has announced that its F50 bill-dispensing units will be used in more than 1,000 self-service billpay kiosks to be deployed by the Hermosillo, Mexico-based Comision Federal de Electricidad. The public bid was awarded to Lopez y Fernandez Ingenieria S.A.; the F50 was selected based one technical specification, pricing and country of origin requirements.

"We are extremely proud to be selected as a currency handling vendor for the CFEmaticos program," said Randy Fox, senior director of currency handling and identity product solutions at Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. "CFE is a major roll-out in Mexico and our first win with our Hermosillo, Mexico-based, channel partner, Lopez y Fernandez Ingenieria S.A."

The F50 bill-dispensing unit was designed especially for the OEM channel. The high volume, single denomination currency dispenser integrates into a number of applications and verticals. The unit can manage up to 1,000 notes and supports more than 50 of the world's most popular currencies. It can support mixed new and used, and paper and polymer notes.

CFE began the rollout of their automated bill payment kiosks in December 2012. The kiosks will be deployed in CFE branches throughout Mexico. Such self-service bill payment solutions, particularly for utility payments, are gaining popularity in some markets as a way to complement staffed locations, provide better customer service and lower overall costs.

"[P]artnering with a vendor that can provide reliable cash handling is extremely important," said a spokesperson at CFE-CENADECO. "Because the CFEmaticos is self-service, it must work every time … We evaluated several currency handling vendors and time and time again were impressed with the reliability of the Fujitsu F50."

Government-owned CFE is Mexico’s exclusive public provider of electrical power and generates, distributes and markets electric power to 35.9 million customers representing 100 million users in Mexico. 

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