Members of the OASIS international open standards consortium have approved version 1.0 of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol as an Oasis standard. AMQP is a wire-level messaging protocol that offers organizations an efficient, reliable approach to passing real-time data and business transactions. AMQP provides a platform-agnostic method for ensuring information is safely transported between applications, among organizations, within mobile infrastructures and across the cloud.

AMQP supports common interaction patterns: one-way, request/response, publish/subscribe, transactions, and store-and-forward. It does this with flow-control, multiplexing, security, recovery and a portable data representation that enables message filtering. AMQP is capable of being used in both point-to-point and hub-and-spoke (broker-based) topologies.

Many operating systems include AMQP implementations, and many application frameworks are AMQP-aware. There are cloud-hosted offerings of AMQP, and it is embedded in virtualization infrastructure.

"AMQP 1.0's support of the different fundamental message patterns makes it the ideal choice as a transport protocol between multi-vendor applications both within the Cloud and over the Internet," said Angus Telfer of INETCO, co-chair of the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee. "By avoiding proprietary technologies, AMQP can lower the cost of enterprise application integration by encouraging a full ecosystem of compatible message-oriented products, including both those delivering application value and those used to ensure higher performance, more reliable systems — i.e., application performance monitoring, network monitoring tools, etc."

For more on this topic, visit the transaction processing research center.

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