KAL aims for early '13 rollout of cashless ATM

Earlier this year, KAL debuted its retail teller machine with a mid-June kick-off in New York City’s bustling Times Square. Following the big announcement, things have gone quieter as KAL has gotten down to the business of extensively field testing its RTM, making refinements to the features and operating system.

But while KAL may have gone relatively quiet about the RTM, they’ve certainly not been silent. During the test deployment period, the company has been talking with bankers and independent deployers about the market opportunities presented by the machine.

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According to Steve Hensley, KAL executive vice president of global sales, potential deployers of the RTM have readily grasped the advantages presented by a machine that requires no CIT stocking, very little upfront cost and that offers the powerful capabilities that KAL has been building into its software products for years.

But more than merely grasping the potential of the RTM, customers have actually been bringing their own ideas to KAL for expanding the machine's applications in banking and merchant environments. So when the RTM rolls out early in 2013, it could be going places and finding uses beyond what its developers first envisioned.

At BAI Retail Delivery 2012, Steve Hensley, KAL executive vice president of global sales, talked with James Wester, editor of ATM Marketplace sister site Mobile Payments Today about how the RTM is being received — and the additional use cases that buyers themselves are suggesting to KAL.

To learn how RTM possibilities are expanding, watch the video below.


For more on this topic, visit the multifunction ATM research center.

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