• For ATM withdrawals, will a click replace a card?

For ATM withdrawals, will a click replace a card?

As of the second quarter of this year, more than 54 percent of American adults carried a smartphone, according to Nielson. Among those in the tech-oriented 18–29 age group, the figure was even higher, at two-thirds (66 percent). This group, which is just forming its financial practices and bank loyalties, is one that FIs are most anxious to capture.

For a number of reasons — targeting the young adult demo, demonstrating financial relevance-slash-hipness, increasing loyalty among existing customers — the financial services industry has sharpened its focus on smartphones and apps as the next customer-facing financial services technology. And ATM manufacturers have shown them one way to integrate smartphones and self-service: mobile prestaging of cash withdrawals at the ATM.

Approaches to the process vary from one provider to the next — how they use GPS technology, for instance, or whether the transaction trigger is a bar code or a number sequence — but the end result is the same: a cardless, simple-to-use, faster-than-ever way to get cash at the ATM.

At this year's BAI Retail Delivery show in Washington, D.C., NCR showcased its own ATM withdrawal prestaging app, demonstrating how easily a banking customer can get cash at an NCR ATM — without so much as touching the machine. See how it works in the video below:


For more on this topic, visit the mobile banking research center.

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  • John Devine
    Do you think EMV would have to be implemented before this type of technology can come in ?
  • John Devine
    Would this work on all types of ATM's with the App on the phone or just NCR ATM's that have that capability ?
  • Michael Kecseti
    Mr Devine:

    Our Mobile Cash Withdrawal solution can run on a mix of software and hardware configurations, not just NCR components. The Application itself would only require a phone that ( a ) can run the app and ( b ) have a camera. EMW would also have to be implemented. Please feel free to reach out to me directly for more information at
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