Triton has launched new v3.2 software and with it, EMV readiness for many of its models in the U.S. market. The company previously has equipped and installed EMV-enabled machines in Canada, the U.K., Mexico and South Africa.

"We've learned what to expect over the years with the numerous country migrations we have facilitated," said Shaun King, VP of international sales at Triton in a news release. "We want our customers to feel they can lean on us for support."

The new software is identical to v3.1 with the exception of added EMV support. Currently v3.2 is available for the Triton X2 ATM series, which includes all RL/FT/RT models as well as Traverse. The EMV software for XScale and 9XXX ATMs will be released in the coming months.

Triton plans to release v3.2 on production ATMs by mid November 2012, though EMV card readers will not be available until mid-December. Triton said that it will activate EMV on new units ordered with the optional EMV card reader. If a card reader is added to the product later, the customer will be have to activate EMV from the field.

Even with the EMV card reader installed and EMV software activated, the ATM will continue to support magnetic stripe cards and will otherwise function just as it does with v3.1. Once the customer's host processor has certified EMV software and is ready to support EMV transactions, EMV can be enabled at the Triton ATM.

"Having Triton products ready for EMV gives our customers an edge in the industry," said James Phillips, VP of sales and marketing at Triton. "We want to provide customers the opportunity to purchase an EMV option on new units now in an effort to keep their upgrade costs lower down the road. However, whether they buy a new unit that is EMV ready or update their ATM fleets in the field, our customers will know that when their processors are ready to implement, they won't be scrambling to catch up."

Deployers who want to update ATMs already in service to v3.2 can download the software from the Triton partner website. At this time, v3.2 requires a full load of software; an update version of v3.2 will be available in coming months.

For more on this topic, visit the EMV research center.

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