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GRGBanking Equipment Co. Ltd. this month will introduce a cassette-cash management solution for cash-recycling ATMs and teller assistant units.

Cash collected by cash-recycling ATMs or teller assistant units is deposited into “intellectual” cassettes that count the number of banknotes and the denominations. The device also tells which ATM or teller assistant unit loaded cash into the cassette. In addition, it identifies the bank employee who removed the cassette from the machine.

The platform includes a cassette exchanger, which enables the cassette handler to transfer funds from one cassette to another without opening the cassette or touching the cash inside the cassette, GRGBanking says.
Potential customers will be able to see the cassette cash-management tool this month at GRG Global Customer Exchange. The company plans a rollout of the devices sometime next year. GRGBanking Equipment Co. Ltd. is based in Guangzhou, China.

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  • Rick Andrase
    While at Lefebure, one of the major selling points on our TCD, was the fact that each intelligent note cassette would identify the amount initially installed in the cassette, with a balancing procedure that would enable the user to identify the balance of notes in all cassettes. Inner-Innovation had the capacity during the 80's to do what GRGBanking is currently accomplishing. Lief Lundblaud, the owner of InnerInnovation was ahead of his time in the industry.

    When Lief purchased Lefebure, we had great plans for the cashless society, hampered only then by the lack of technology that would detect counterfeit currencey. That feature is existant today, making the dream of the cashless society available to anyone with vision.
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